Becoming A Better You

Happy New Year to you all! As the saying goes, “A new year a new you!“. No matter the resolution or goals you have set for yourself this year I think it’s safe to say it will be challenging. As most resolutions are something we feel we need to give up, be it for a healthier lifestyle or just to remove negative aspects from our life, while others are for things we wish to gain or do more of. Resolutions are challenging as they typically require one to break old habits, this can be very difficult without the proper motivation giving you the drive to push on and continue.

This year I have decided my first post will be about working towards a better you. This statement is vague in that it can mean something different for each person. The main focus here is really just that, bringing the focus back to YOU. Getting YOURSELF in a happy place, doing things for YOU first, and just being the best YOU that you can be…get where I’m going with this? Don’t worry about how you need to change to make others satisfied, this is about YOUR journey and YOUR own personal achievements! With that said I have pulled together a good list of the subscription boxes I think would make perfect additions to your specific journey to a better you and that will keep you motivated along the way.

Find Time For You

The first box up is for those who really want to put focus on self care. Maybe you want to find ways to help yourself to not stress so much. Maybe you want to commit to finding more time to do little things for yourself that you failed to find time for last year. There is nothing selfish about loving one’s self first. I found the perfect little gem that will help with just that. TheraBox is a monthly subscription box that will help ensure you have all the items you need to make that dream a reality.


This box is designed to inspire happiness and joy, to reduced stress, to clear your mind, and to help you to just relax. You will get 6-8 full sized items curated by therapists to do just that. Items fall into categories like aromatherapy, natural/organic bath, body, skincare products, etc. Another fun thing to note is that each box contains one happiness activity in addition to the other items. Each box is valued at over $100+ but you only have to pay $40/box and it delivers monthly. The name says it all, Therabox is sure to keep you focusing on YOU this year and is the only therapy you need.

Take me to my Therabox!

Find Time For Your Faith

So maybe you’ve made a resolution this year to reconnect with your faith. To be more in touch with your beliefs and with Jesus Christ. Look no further than Faithbox. This box is perfect for those looking to further their faith journey beyond church. Faithbox is a Christian company passionate about helping others to strengthen and grow their faith in God while also having a positive impact on their community.


Each box specializes in a theme for that month. Previous themes included joy, connection, anxiety, doubt, suffering, resilience, and many more. These themes are designed to be uplifting and inspirational. Each box brings nothing but positivity to your life. It will include their daily devotional book, “Everyday Faith”, along with other content and tools to keep your connection with Christ strong throughout the whole month. They also include various other hand-picked products and books from companies that Do Good and have a positive impact on the world. Each box will include an impact guide explaining all the Do Good companies/products that are included. Possible products you may get include teas, necklaces, prayer cards, books, keychains, magnets, water bottles, bracelets, coffee, stickers, aromatherapy items, etc. The cost of this box is $35/box and delivers monthly.

Take me to my Faithbox!

Find Time for Your Peace Of Mind

Introverts Retreat

Having peace of mind will mean different things for different people, but the ones I am reaching out to here are those who find their peace of mind by curling up with a good book and letting the story take them away from reality. Maybe your resolution this year is just to find more peace in the chaos of your everyday life. Some would believe there’s no better way to do that than removing their mind from reality and placing it into the story of a really good book. For anyone who’s read at least one book that has engrossed them, you know exactly how it feels to mentally drift away from the real, even if just temporarily. So for those who can relate, Introverts Retreat is an awesome subscription box for you.

This box is tailored to those introverted women who lean on a good book to recharge and refresh their mind. Each month you will receive a novel written by a female author as well as an exclusive Introverts Retreat bookmark. Books received typically fall into the general fiction genre. But given this box is aimed for women, a book alone is not enough to set the scene. So with that, each box also includes 4-6 additional items that pair perfectly with a book. These items are things like coffee, tea, hot cocoa, snacks, socks, bath salts, bath bombs, candles, crossword puzzles, body butter, and all sorts of other self-care goodies. You can snatch this subscription up for $42/box and it delivers monthly.

Take me to my Introverts Retreat box!

Find Time For Your Fitness

Well here we are into the category that some would consider a cliche resolution…getting into shape. There is nothing wrong with this resolution and to be honest, it could suffice as your resolution every year. You should always strive to be better and stronger than you were before; never settle. Anyways, now that the inspirational talk is out of the way let’s get back to the point of my post, finding things to help you stick to your new goals. It’s safe to say nothing makes you feel more out of shape than the holidays and sometimes getting back into a workout routine or even starting a new one all together can be a daunting task. But I can definitely say one way to build confidence and motivation is ensuring you look good while you are working out. An awesome little treat to help you with this lies within the Her Fit Club box.

Her Fit Club

This box will make you want to strut your way into the gym and the best thing yet, they have different box options to fit your budget and needs. They have 4 different box style options ranging from $65-$150/box. With all boxes you will get a 2-3 piece activewear outfit each month from premium brands like Thrice Societe, TLF, Glyder, MPG, Mono B, and many more at 30% or more off of MSRP. Their Fashion Fitbox will also include a bonus lifestyle gift in each box. The Beauty Fitbox will include 2 bath, body, or beauty products along with the outfit so you can pamper yourself after your workout. The Move Fitbox will include a new piece of exercise equipment as well as the bath and beauty products. Their Premeire Fitbox will definitely set you up for success. This box includes the same items from the other boxes with the addition of a pair of the latest sneakers. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it turns out you don’t like the product, they offer free returns and exchanges and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Take me to my Her Fit Club box!

Find Time For Your Health

The final item on my list to help you become a better you is very closely tied to the one above. In addition to getting back into a fitness routine, most people also tie their diet into that as well. For me it’s always been pretty easy to eat healthy when it comes to my main meals. However, it’s the snack realm where I always have trouble finding something satisfying while also being good for me and supporting my strides to get in better shape. It doesn’t help when most of my pantry snacks are tailored to my kids. Fit Snack Box has the perfect treats to help you maintain your fitness nutrition.

Fit Snack Box

This box of healthy deliciouness includes items hand picked by a nutritionist and perfect for any on the go lifestyle. Each box includes 7-10 premium natural snacks from newly discovered brands and products. It features products from all dietary preferences and clean ingredients. To expand on that each box will always contain at least two of the following: Non-GMO , High in Protein, Low in Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Vegan and All Natural items. The great thing about the Fit Snack Box concept is you will get to experience fresh and innovative products each month that you won’t find in your local grocery store. Along with the snacks, each box also contains trainer developed workout cards and wellness tips to keep you on the right path.

Take me to my Fit Snack box!

This Year Is About You

It’s time to start your journey on becoming a better you! Consider your goals, think about what you need to do to achieve them and then hit the ground running. Of course, the subscription boxes mentioned above aren’t going promise you success, but they sure are a great incentive to keep you going. Motivation is a powerful tool and I can assure you a little reward for yourself every month is sure to keep you on track and moving forward. So buckle down and lets kick off this new year right. Team up with a buddy who has similar resolutions and hold eachother accountable. Don’t forget to have fun along the way. Evolving to one’s better self can only leave you with nothing but rewarding results.

Happy New Year to you all!

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6 Replies to “Becoming A Better You”

  1. Subscription boxes are great gifts for yourself and for others, I especially like to give them to my elderly mother. You really can’t go wrong giving a subscription box and every month when the box arrives the person will think of you.

    What would you recommend for my elderly mother in the way of a subscription box for Valentines Day

    • Hi Jeff, there are so many subscription boxes out there it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. I think the difficult part will be making a decision on which one you want to get her. But which you choose really depends on her interests and only you know what she loves.

      Check out my Boxes page to see all the categories and boxes available. I add to this regularly as I introduce new boxes through my posts so check back often.

      The Boxes

  2. I just love your website. Becoming a better you this year is a great post. I found inspiration to be the best me this year! Thanks and may this year also be your best year!

  3. What an inspirational post! My new year’s resolution is to exercise more. I really like the sound of the subscription box for exercising.

    My question for you is about the contract. Can I sign up monthly and unsubscribe at any time or do I get locked in for X months?

    • Hey girl, the subscription box renews automatically each month but the great thing is you are NOT locked in and can cancel at any time. Also, don’t forget the Her Fit Club box offers 100% money-back guarantee along with free returns or exchanges so there’s no risk to you!

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