Best Gifts For Pets 2019

Pet lovers unite! The idea of subscription boxes for your furbabies is not a new concept anymore. There are tons of companies out there now ready to reward your pets with goodies from toys and treats to high-quality foods. Your pets are there for you day in and day out giving nothing but unconditional love so why not show them some love in return and give them a monthly subscription box?

For anyone who says animals don’t have feelings…they’ve never seen a pup receive a box of goodies each month. Surely their argument would be null and void after witnessing such an event. For the cat owners, not to worry, we have you covered as well. Continue reading to see my top choices.

Pup Joy

your choice. your pupjoy.

The name says it all here. Your pooch is sure to get a lot of joy out of this box. PupJoy will hand select artisan goods that are of the highest quality, natural and organic to ensure your best friend is only receiving the best. Whether you have a dog who is chill or one who chews EVERYTHING, PupJoy has you covered by allowing you to tailor your box to your dog’s personality, size, and preference for treats, toys, or both. Plus, they even let you choose the kind of treats you want (all natural, organic, grain free, protein sensitive) for those dogs with special nutritional needs; I’m excited just thinking about it and the box isn’t even for me.

In addition, box size is an option that can be changed as well from “Uno” size containing 5 items to “Grande” size containing 7 items. Then you get to choose how often you want to surprise your pup. Everything about their process can be customized and suits any dog with any need. Not to forget they have a “Build Your Own Box” options coming soon.

your choice. your pupjoy.Let’s say maybe you don’t want a full box, they have a shop where you can purchase any of their awesome products and items individually. These items range from toys, treats, leashes, dog beds, dog clothing, travel accessories, etc.

I don’t want to forget the most important thing about PupJoy. They donate $2 of your PupJoy box purchase to BISSELL Pet Foundation which focuses on helping rescue organizations save animal lives through adoption events, spay/neuter programs, microchipping, and foster care to help those needing a little extra love and care to transition to a new home.

Price: Uno size boxes run as low as $26/box and Grande as low as $33/box. Prices will vary some based on the duration of the subscription. Just remember the longer you subscribe for the more you save.

Visit PupJoy


Here’s another great dog subscription box that is winning in the affordability category. The Fetch For Pets company is full of dog lovers dedicated to improving the lives of pets. So they have created a pet subscription box containing 5 full-sized products selected by pet industry experts and from the top brands out there. Items may include anything from grooming products and tools, nutritious treats, dental care products, toys, etc. They ensure their products are suitable for all dogs regardless of size and breed.

So there are some pros and cons to this simple subscription box. If you’re on a tighter budget, get overwhelmed by too many choices, and are OK FetchBox - Monthly Subscription Box for Any Doghanding over the reins and allowing both you and your dog to be surprised by the box contents then this box is perfect for you both. However, If the option to customize your box by a number of items, dog size, diet restrictions, etc. then may be better to choose one of the other subscription box options from this post that supports that.

Price: You can receive your first box for a measly $14. After that, it is $20/box which is still a steal.

Let’s go fetch a FetchBox!

The Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box

I think this box is super cute and fun. Each box has a theme of which the 5 full sized goodies within it all relate to that theme in someway. These themes could be something like Birthday Party, Fiesta, Under the Sea, Happy Howlidays, etc. Among these 5 items, your pup will get 2 bags of natural treats or chews only made in the USA (rawhide and animal bones will be excluded), 2 high-quality dog toys and 1 limited edition bandanna only available from Dapper Dog.

Each Dapper Dog Box is valued at $60+ and also includes free shipping. They fully test their products on their own dogs to ensure they make the cut before sending to you. So you can be sure that your dog is receiving the best dog-approved products each month. Plus it’s a great way to get to try new brands and products that you won’t fin at your local pet store.The Dapper Dog Box

They offer various box options tailored specifically to your dog’s size/weight. The extra small dog box is ideal for those mini pups in the 1-12 lb range. The next size up is for small-medium dogs weighing in between 13-35 lbs. The last option is for the large-extra large lap dogs falling in the 36+ lb range.

Once again, we have a giving company willing to donate a portion of their sales to help rescue and shelter dogs. They have donated to 15 different rescues and shelters across the USA. So you can be satisfied in knowing that your money is going to a good cause.

Price: You can receive your first box for $24. After that, it is $35/box.

Make my dog a Dapper Dog!

Kit Nip BoxOrder your monthly box of cat goodies today at!

As promised, this one is for the cat owners. I think we all can agree cats aren’t quite as easy to please as a dog and may have higher standards for things. It’s a good thing the creators of KitNipBox are experts at selecting things they know cats will love; saving you the trouble. All items selected from their rigorous screening process have proven track records and positive customer reviews to back them up.

Order your monthly box of cat goodies today at! Box items include high-quality toys, all-natural treats, accessories, health and hygiene products, fun gadgets, and even some surprises. Don’t worry, if your cat has food sensitivities or allergies you can opt for a box with no treat/food option and get extra of the fun stuff instead. After typing that I can see why cats love this box…it is definitely suitable for the higher maintenance species! I’m sure there’s one question remaining from those of you who may be considered the “Crazy Cat Lady/Man” and have multiple cats. So I’m happy to say KitNipBox offers two box options: Happy Cat Box for a single, spoiled cat containing 5 items and a Multi-Cat Box containing 7 items for households with 2+ cats.

KitNipBox is also a firm supporter of over 100 animal welfare organizations nationwide. They donate a portion of their proceeds and products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and various other feline welfare causes every month.

Price: Happy Cat Box for $19.99/month and Multi-Cat Box for $29.99/month.

See what’s in the box!



This is one I know my dogs would go crazy for and one of them has a birthday coming up; my Birthday gift idea just came into view! So this box is a no-nonsense box, a box full of premium chews. This is a sure way to keep your pup busy and away from those sneakers.

With quality and safety as their #1 priority, they source all their ingredients from trusted suppliers across the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and South America. They provide a variety of meat-based product to appease even the pickiest of eaters. Did I mention that chewing for dogs is actually a great way to maintain dental hygiene? Natural chews, such as the ones in Pawstruck box, help to remove harmful plaque and tarter buildup leading to healthier teeth and better smelling breath.Pawstruck

Each box will contain around 7 different types of meat chew products…quantities will vary based on product. They will never send you products from China, rawhide, or chews with artificial or low-quality ingredients. So you can expect to surprise your dog with healthy chews like bully sticks, jerky, animal ears & hooves, etc.


  • <20lb dog- $20.69 for your first box. After that, it’s $29.99/box
  • 20-50lb dog- $27.59 for your first box. After that, it’s $39.99/box
  • 50+lb dog- $34.49 for your first box. After that, it’s $49.99/box

Read more about Pawstruck here


Who says dogs gifts have to be all toys and treats? Maybe your dog would appreciate some high quality, all natural food made from real ingredients. I mean come on, you would get bored eating the same thing day in and day out, so why not bring some excitement back to mealtime for your pup?

So let’s talk about the ingredients real fast, human-grade ingredients, I might add. Meals will contain high-quality meats (beef, chicken, turkey, lamb) sourced from family-run farms throughout the US and Australia, fruits and veggies, superfoods like chia seeds, and zero fillers (i.e. no by-products, artificial flavors or preservatives). The ingredients are cooked by humans at low temperatures to maintain and preserve the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. They also utilize the help of a specialized veterinarian to formulate their recipes to provide the exact nutrition your dog needs.

With Ollie, you can tailor the meals to your dog’s individual needs…things like age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight are all taken into consideration. What’s even better is the price is determined by your dogs caloric intake. The team at Ollie has really considered why a flat rate would not be fair here especially if we’re talking the difference between the amount of food a Yorkshire Terrier would eat compared to say a Mastiff.

Price: This will vary some based on the size of your dog and also whether you will feed them, Ollie exclusively, or supplement only some meals for Ollie. With that said, the average price range is anywhere from $2/day – $6/day.

Check out their recipes here.

Bark If You Want SomeBark If You Want Some

For my final recommendation, I give you a box full of fun and exciting items your dog is sure to bark for. Boxes will contain items relating to dog apparel, toys treats, and other licensed products and accessories. They will also contain fun innovative items tailored to a theme such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Silver Paw branded items, Sponge Bob, Bob’s Burger, etc. This box if full of high-quality unique items, such things as jackets, raincoats, collars, and leashes are not common with other pet boxes, but they are for Bark If You Want Some.Bark If You Want Some

Bark If You Want Some offers multiple boxes based on the size of your dog. Box options include small, medium, large, and extra large. They all contain the same number of items, anywhere from 4-6, but ensure you get the right products for your sized dog.

Price: You can receive your first box for $38.35. After that, it is $59/box.

“Bark Bark” I want some!

I hope I have helped you find some really great gift options for your best friend. Don’t leave them hanging, dog years go by fast, so make sure they are living the best life possible. Even if you’re not on board with the whole subscription thing, most of these subscription boxes you can purchase as a one time gift or cancel your subscription anytime so you are not locked in. I chose these boxes based on a variety of factors to ensure there were options for just about anyone. First off, I only selected boxes containing natural treats and chews. I like to imagine what my dog might eat if he/she were wild? It sure wouldn’t be kibble, so I try to incorporate these meaty, nutritious, high protein snacks into their diet as well. Second, I wanted to make sure I had options with toys and treats and an option for just treats because some dogs just want to eat and sleep and prefer to leave the play part out of it. Third, I wanted to make sure I had the cat people covered by including a box for you cat owners as well. Lastly, I offered boxes with broad price ranges so anyone from any budget, whether large or small, had an option available to them.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know if you tried any of these awesome boxes.

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12 Replies to “Best Gifts For Pets 2019”

  1. Oh this is so super cute and such an amazing idea. I have of course heard of subscription boxes, such as for makeup, jewellery or clothing but this is the first time that I have come across subscription boxes for your pets! 

    The best part in my opinion is that you don’t have to think too much, everything is just sent to you and its a surprise! I’ve been shopping for my pets before and I am not always sure what to buy. Also I get so caught up in my day to day chores and errands that often shopping for treats for pets is not the first thing on my to do list. 

    • Very true Lynne. It’s easy to get caught up in our own busy lives that our pets sometimes end up forgotten. That’s what great about subscription boxes, it’s automatically sent out each month so you’re off the hook!

  2. Wow! This interesting post really remind me on the need to buy my pet a gift for the celebration of the day I brought him home. All these pet boxes listed in this post are really fascinating and exceptionally beautiful. I do love to get one for my dear cat. Where’s the best place to get some of these wonderful monthly subscription boxes?

    • You can follow the links throughout the post to be directed to any of these boxes. If your looking for your cat the KitNipBox is a perfect choice. 

  3. Hi Amber, 

    I like the FetchBox dog subscription box because it’s affordable and still meets what the other dog subscription boxes are offering. 

    I want to treat my dog and show her how much she means, but I have a rather tight budget, so the FetchBox dog subscription box seems accommodating enough for my financial concerns. 

  4. Hi Amber. Thanks to you for writing this great list for best gifts for pet. I love this list myself and I’m so sure my dog will be so excited. I kinda like the Pawstruck more because it’s healthy. But can you kindly suggest what gift I should start with because they are all looking good. I’ll be looking forward to new posts. Thanks

    • Hey Alex, great news, the treats in all the boxes are natural and healthy so you have your choice here. If your dogs is more into treats and not so much the other stuff then Pawstruck is a great choice. If you like accessories for your dog then I would recommend Dapper Dog Box or Bark If You Want Some Box. FetchBox is great if your on a budget and PupJoy is a good box overall with a variety of items. Hope that helps!

  5. Is it just me or is that really a ear-look-alike chew inside Pawstruck? That’s freaking awesome! My great dane pup loves to get his mouth into anything leathery. It’s not like I want to advocate on chewing pig’s ears or anything like that, but if it means saving my furniture from being damaged, I think a product like Pawstruck is a good preventive measure. Oh yeah, and dental hygiene too. If you start at an early age, it’s going to help a lot when they get older. 

    Thanks for the recommendation. I already know what I would be getting. 

    • Cathy, you’re not seeing wrong. Pawstruck has a lot of animal parts in it’s box, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s great to know that all parts of the animal are getting used, either by human consumption or by our dogs. Plus they are really nutritious for our pups, not to mention dogs LOVE THEM!

  6. What great ideas! I love my pet to death and often look for something new to entertain him with. Definitely, worth looking into. Thanks for so much great information on these.

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