Books for Children- Make Reading Exciting Again

For all the parents out there here’s a wonderful idea to encourage your child to read. Kids these days will never understand the feeling of reading a story out of a physical book, everything is so device oriented. So how about the idea of a monthly book subscription? Why not get them excited to read by providing them with new books each month? These boxes are suitable for kids of any age, whether they are just learning how to read or are already fluent readers and just enjoy a good escape from reality.

Reading for children is such an important skill not just for comprehension, but for language development as well. I’ve narrowed down the options to my 4 favorite book subscriptions for kids below.

Kids BookCase.Club

Kids Book Case Club has a mission solely focused on kids. They aim to spark imagination and wonder and make reading an enjoyable, impactful, and lifelong interest. They strongly believe in the presence of parents to help to develop and grow their child’s library, both mentally and physically.

The Options

Child with book

The great thing about Kids Book Case Club is they span a large range of ages to include older kids in the 10+ age group so your child’s book subscription doesn’t have to stop, especially at an age when reading is so important.

  • Newborn to 2 Years Old-This box is for the newbies to the reading world. This box option includes 3 hand-picked board books.
  • 2 to 4 Years Old-This box is ideal for toddlers who are becoming that much more interested in storytime. This box option includes 3 handpicked picture books.
  • 5-6 Years Old-This box is ideal for children just getting into grade school and starting to get introduced to letter and word recognition. This box option includes 3 handpicked picture books.
  • 7-8 Years Old- This box is ideal for children entering the phase of reading on their own. This box option includes 3 handpicked picture and/or early chapter books.
  • Pre-Teen- For the avid self readers this one is for you. This box option includes 3 handpicked chapter books.

Shh…they have a book club for adults too. Select your genre and treat yourself to 2 handpicked books each month! BookCase.Club

How It Works

To get your subscription started just follow the below steps:

  1. Select your box option from the above-stated choices based on the age of your child
  2. Select gender (boy, girl) This will ensure you won’t get any girl specific books if you choose “boy” and won’t get any boy specific books if you choose “girl”.
  3. Select your subscription plan and either pay by the month or choose one of the prepay options for longer subscription lengths.
  4. Enter your shipping and payment info.

Kids BookCase.Club


  • Monthly: $9.99/month + $5 Shipping
  • 3 Month Prepay: $28.00 ($9.33/month + $5 Shipping)
  • 6 Month Prepay: $54.00 ($9.00/month + $5 Shipping)
  • 12 Month Prepay: $100 ($8.33/month + $5 Shipping) BEST DEAL

Your first box ships on the 1st of each month, regardless of your subscription date.

Kids Reveal Book Box

Kids Reveal Book Box wants to instill the love of reading at an early age. With a focus on learning and development as well as expanding a child’s imagination, they have created a monthly book subscription service that does just that. Their books are expertly selected and categorized into age-appropriate groups so that your child and grow along with them.

Kids Reveal Book Box also makes a “ONE FOR ONE” promise that for every box purchased they donate to a child in need. They partner with children’s literacy charities to help donate thousands of books each year to children in need throughout the US.

The Options

I love the variety of box options offered through Kids Reveal Book Box. They span the various age groups to ensure what you are receiving is suitable for your child and the phase of development they are currently in. Not only that, but you can count on getting books of different types which will keep your child engaged and excited.

  • Giraffe (Ages 0-3) Interact & Learn- This box is ideal for toddlers learning the concepts of reading. This box option includes 2-4 of any or all of the following: board books, story books, touch & feel books. These books are aimed to foster creativity, imagination, interest, and involvement.
  • Monkey (Ages 3-6) Identify & Learn- This box is geared towards children in Pre-k and Kindergarten. This box option includes 2-4 of any or all of the following: picture books, story books, activity books. These books are chosen to help develop letter and word recognition, imagination, creativity, and learning through interactive gameplay.
  • Fox (Ages 6-9) Read & Learn- This box is geared towards children in grades 1-3. This box option includes 2-3 of any or all of the following: storybooks, chapter books, activity item. These books are chosen to help develop letter and word recognition, imagination, creativity, and tie in something fun and educational.
  • Coming soon options…Kangaroo (Ages 0-1) Listen & Learn and Tiger (Ages 9-12) Comprehend & Learn

How It Works

When you finally decide you want to surprise your child with a monthly book subscription, Kids Reveal Book Box makes the process super easy.

  1. Select your box option from the above-stated choices based on the age of your child
  2. Select gender (boy, girl, both) This will ensure you won’t get any girl specific books if you choose “boy” and won’t get any boy specific books if choose “girl”, or you can opt to receive gender neutral books by selecting “both”.
  3. Select your subscription plan and either pay by the month or choose one of the prepay options for longer subscription lengths.
  4. Enter the birthday of the child receiving the box. This allows them to select the most age-appropriate books for your child.
  5. Enter your shipping and payment info.


  • Monthly: $17.95/month
  • 3 Month Prepay: $51.95 ($17.32/month)
  • 6 Month Prepay: $99.99 ($16.66/month)
  • 12 Month Prepay: $189.95 ($15.83/month) BEST DEAL

Shipping is always FREE and your first box ships within 3 business days. All boxes are valued at $30+ so you’re only paying half of what you would typically pay in a local book store.


Bookroo is a fun book subscription box option. They focus on bringing you the hidden gems that you wouldn’t typically find elsewhere. That is why book subscriptions are so great, they take the guesswork out of having to choose what books you want for your child and they let you place the control in the hands of the experts that are sure to choose the best and most engaging books out there.

So who are these experts you might ask? Well, Bookroo reaches out to the review group that consists of 12 families containing 22 kids between them. These are their book reviewers. They provide their valuable feedback using a 7 point Likert scale and whether or not they would reread a book. This feedback is crucial and uses the opinions of children directly to determine if it will ever show up in your child’s Bookroo subscription. So you can be sure by the time these books reach your doorstep, they have already passed the test.

The Options

Like most children’s book subscriptions, Bookroo offers box options that are tailored to your child’s age. What can make receiving a box even more exciting and suspenseful? How about the fact that each book is individually wrapped for an extra element of surprise and fun.

Girl with Bookroo books
  • Board Books- Recommended for children ages 0-3. Your child will receive 3 individually wrapped board books per box.
  • Picture Books- Recommended for children ages 2-6. Your child will receive 2 individually wrapped hardcover picture books per box.
  • Chapter Books- Recommended for children ages 7-10. Your child will receive 2 individually wrapped chapter books per box.

How It Works

One really unique thing about Bookroo subscription is if you have children of multiple ages you have the option to do an alternating subscription where you can receive board books one month and picture books the next. So regardless of age, everyone is getting something and you aren’t having to buy an entirely new subscription service just to ensure all your children will get something age-appropriate.

  1. First, you select your box option based on your child’s age (board books, picture books, chapter books).
  2. Then select your subscription plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months).
  3. Finally, just enter your shipping and billing info and your box is on its way!


  • Board Books: Price ranging from $16.95/box/year – $19.95/box/month (Shipping is additional $5/box for US orders and $16/box for Canada orders)
  • Picture Books: Price ranging from $16.95/box/year – $19.95/box/month (Shipping is additional $5/box for US orders and $16/box for Canada orders)
  • Chapter Books: Price ranging from $21.95/box/year – $24.95/box/month (Shipping is additional $5/box for US orders and $16/box for Canada orders)
Prime Book Box Kids

Here is the one I’m currently trying for my daughter. This is an Amazon kids book subscription and if the name doesn’t give it away, you have to be a Prime member to partake. I made my decision to try this one out first because of several key points: free shipping, price, transparency, and book swap options. Now what I mean by the last two is instead of it being a surprise each month you have the ability to see the books that will be coming in your child’s box prior to shipment. I prefer this just to ensure she doesn’t receive a book we already have. But, what else is great about that is you can judge whether it would be a book your child may like or not and also see customer reviews to determine if it’s satisfactory.

To follow that, my last point allows you to take that transparency and make a decision. The ability to swap any of the book options for another one in the case that you decided it wasn’t one you wanted your child to receive. So while not fully customized, it does allow for some degree of customization to tailor to each child specifically.

The Options

Here you have 4 options to choose between based on age of your child. 

Ages 6-8 Books
  • Ages Baby-2- Contains 4 board books
  • Ages 3-5- Contains 2 hardcover, picture books
  • Ages 6-8- Contains 2 hardcover, picture books
  • Ages 9-12- Contains 2 hardcover, chapter books

How It Works

The process is very simple as most Amazon purchases are. 

  1. Create a child profile indicating the child’s name, birthday, gender and then select reading level option (Ages baby-2, Ages 3-5, Ages 6-8, Ages 9-12).
  2. Then move on to delivery options and choose how often you would like your child to receive books (every month, every two months, every three months).
  3. Then view your book selections. It is at this point you can decide to keep the books selected or swap them for different ones.
  4. Finally, select your shipping and payment options and your all set.


  • Prime Book Box is straightforward in all aspects, even on the price. It is a flat rate of $19.99/box. This will end up saving you up to $40 off of list price and provides one of the best values out there.

Nose, Meet Book

Well there you have it, my four favorite kids book club subscription services. I hope you found the information helpful and enlightening. There are many ways to introduce your kiddo to reading without them feeling pressured or like it’s some sort of chore. It’s all about building the excitement and mystery behind what they will get each month. Involve yourself and make it a bonding experience while also learning at the same time.

Kids BookCase.Club

Kids Reveal Book Box


Prime Book Box Kids

Please feel free to leave a comment, question, or opinion below. I am always happy to hear from my readers!

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20 Replies to “Books for Children- Make Reading Exciting Again”

  1. Really love all of the options they have and love the fact there are still people out there determined to keep kids reading books! Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Amber – These subscription deals on books for children are a great deal! What a fantastic idea to encourage kids to read a real book – they would get excited every month when its around the time the books arrive and be jumping right in to start reading! For me, it would take the agony out of trying to decide what books to buy my granddaughters – there’s so much choice out there and it’s great that these are hand picked and age appropriate. I really like how the Kids Reveal Book Box “One for One” donation promise also teaches kids about giving to those in need from an early age. I love this idea, thanks!

    • Hi Lindsay, they are definitely a really great concept. I also am a big fan of companies that give back a portion of their earnings to charities and those in need…it reminds people to stay humble.

  3. Great Content and Information!

    What a concise and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. I can conclude easily from your article that all the options are not too expensive to purchase and they are full of good morals. I will consider getting one of these for my kids. Thanks for the eye opener.

  4. Thanks for this educative post! The fact that some companies are still keen about making our children readers, is a soothing thought . The options here are wonderful and at least not too expensive to encourage our children to read.

    Thanks for this informative post. It’s great information on how to make our children better readers

  5. Dear Amber,

    I am pleased to come across your article.

    I have a 5-year son entering school shortly and his attitude towards books and reading has bothered me a lot. He wants a different book now and then, but I am struggling to keep up with exciting book collection to encourage his reading. Your solution seems to be the way to go.

    Thanks again for the informative guidance.

  6. This is a fantastic innovation, it’s a fun way to get my kids excited about reading books. It also means i wouldn’t have to worry about buying the appropriate books, because books will be shipped monthly.

    However, what happens if my kids are sent books they’ve already read? Can I ask for another book? 

    With the advancement in technology, it’s good that there are services which can still help our kids in learning how to read. Thanks for the help

    • Louis, they do not offer refund or book swap out options as of yet, but who says a kids can’t read a book twice? Or, if they end up with a book they already own why not gift it to another child or donate to a child in need?

  7. Wow!!! This is a great idea, I wish this was around when I was a child! This is an excellent write-up. I currently don’t have any kids but my little cousin has a birthday coming up and I definitely am going to keep this in mind. This process of signing up seems really simple and the price is excellent!! Great review as always! 

    • Thank you Nathan. Subscription boxes make for excellent birthday gifts…mainly because they will continue to get a gift each month long after their birthday is over with. They are sure to remember your gift better than any other one they receive!

  8. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. This is the best and a fantastic way to make a child happy. A subscription of monthly books will definitely help to improve a child’s learning faster. This information is very resourceful. Thanks 

  9. Hey Amber thanks for this amazing review 

    I have to say these two books listed are very wonderful and its definitely going to keep my little cousin engaged for a while. Since the Kids Book Case is significantly cheaper than Kids reveal book box, ill definitely be getting that one for her.

    Once again thanks for the review was really helpful

    • Thanks for the comment. Actually both subscriptions work out to be pretty similar in price. You have to keep in mind Kids Reveal Book Box includes free shipping whereas Kids Book Case Club charges $5 shipping/box. Once you take that into consideration they aren’t much different in price. Happy shopping!

  10. This is amazing. I love getting books for my son and he has a whole library at the age of 2, lol. I just think that reading at a young age is such a great thing to teach our toddlers. I didn’t know that Amazon had a book box club because I am a member this would be ideal for me to try, not to mention I get all of my books from them anyways. Thanks so much for sharing. I will have to check it out.

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