Cool Alcohol Gifts- My Top Choices

What better way to celebrate the holidays than hanging out with your friends and family and sharing some of these unusual alcohol gifts with them. When it comes to alcohol, you really can’t beat a subscription to it. These rate high on my list of the best alcohol gifts solely on their convenience alone. Even if you yourself are not an alcohol drinker, these subscription boxes make it easy for you to buy alcohol gifts for those who do enjoy a spirit or two, or three…

The companies I have chosen below are unique in their own ways and make it fun and exciting to give the gift of alcohol. There’s no shame, no judgment, just great tasting alcohol to sit back and enjoy by a fireplace or on the couch watching football with the family. You might even be willing to share it, tis the season for giving after all.


First up, the best drink for football season, BEER! I will admit it took me well into my 20s before I acquired a taste for beer. The problem was, I kept trying all the basic brands you can find in any store and couldn’t figure out why I never liked them. Everyone else in the world seemed to flock to them like they were from some of the greatest breweries out there…who doesn’t like the taste of watered down hops??? Apparently me, and I can bet I’m not the only one.

The fog was cleared when I tried my first craft beer. It was at the moment I knew what all those other generic beers were missing, FLAVOR.

Regardless of if you have tried craft beer or not, the best thing about it is there are so many flavor combinations out there it’s unreal. There’s always something new and exciting to try, and the majority of the microbreweries producing these beers love to use ingredients that are in season. For instance, in fall you can be sure to find plenty of beers with pumpkin, gingerbread, cranberry, and vanilla. Let’s say your new to craft beers and don’t know where to start or what types of beers you might like. Hence, my recommendation to a beer subscription below.

Craft Beer Club

So here we have a subscription club that will sen you 12 beers of various types each month. They do the sampling for you so you know what you’re getting has already gone through a filtering process and is considered top-notch. The great thing about craft beers is there are SO MANY types, flavors, varieties, and styles there’s no way you will get bored. You will receive new beers each month so you will always have something new for your taste buds.

Check out more info on my Craft Beer Club page.



Here we have a gift for those who prefer the harder stuff. It is the perfect season to cozy up with a nice glass of smooth bourbon to sip on. Or maybe A little something extra to throw into your eggnog? What about some Irish coffee in the morning? Maybe some hot cocoa “adult style” to get you through the jolly trolley you happen to be stuck on. You know, the one with all the kids singing Christmas carols while driving through the Christmas light village? OK, so maybe that’s just my story, but a little extra something in that hot cocoa sure helped to numb my ears from those out of pitch, screechy singing voices.

Let’s get to the point. We all have those people in our lives that prefer something with a little extra burn and a little extra ABV. However, it’s not very original to just go to the liquor store and buy up one of those gift sets with a bottle of a popular liquor along with a set of glasses. I’m not saying that’s bad in any means, just somewhat typical of what you would expect when you think of gifting liquor. What happens if you’re winging the gift and aren’t even sure if that person will like what you picked out? Or maybe they’ve had it a thousand times over and would much rather try new and hard to find option? Well, my recommendation below is sure to deliver…it’ll give you that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you’re warming their belly.


For the most spirited of spirit enthusiasts, this club gives you access to highly sought after and rare finds. They offer a large database of 20,000 bottle profiles and a vast member base allowing the ability to share opinions and product reviews with. They offer special deals exclusively to their members and you also get a free tasting box every quarter, tailored to your specific drink preference.

When you sign up for their club they start off by having you select the types of spirits you enjoy from a list they provide. You can select as many as you want. Once you do that, it takes you to the next page where they ask you what brands you have tasted. They provide a pretty large list of brands for all spirits. Again, you select as many as you want based on what you have tried. After that, they ask you one more question. It will probably be tough to answer, as I know it was for me. You have to choose just one to be stranded on an island with. I assume these questions are so they can set up you flavor profile and preferences as well as to see the brands you have already tried so they can be sure to send you new ones to taste. Don’t let me forget to mention being a member also gives you access to tasting events at local bars and distilleries.

Give them the gift that puts their palette to work. This isn’t for those college frat boys who just want to get wasted on those cheap plastic bottles of vodka. This is for the classier people. Those who enjoy the deep flavors and have aged just as well as these fine spirits.

Check out more info on my Flaviar page.



Oh wine…what a glorious creation.

I will confess I could not choose just one wine gift. There are various levels of wine fans. I could not simply just offer one option. I have categorized these wine subscriptions based on level of sophistication, variety, and customization.

Wine Society

Variety 9 PackStarting with the simplest and most straight forward option. With Wine Society, what you see is what you get. All the wines are blends from the highest quality vineyards in California. The number of options to choose from are very easy, you can choose a red blend, a white blend, a rose blend, or a Gamay blend.

I would classify these as your “go to” wines. They are a perfect compliment whatever the occasion. Best yet, they come in cans. That not only keeps the sunlight off the precious liquid inside, but also makes them feasible to bring to events and venues that allow you to bring in canned beverages but not bottles.

Check out more info on my Wine Society page.


Revel Wine

Great Wine, DeliveredMoving on up, I bring to you Revel Wine. Here you get more flexibility with your wine choice. You get to choose your wine type, number of bottles, and how often you want them delivered. Here you receive hand selected wines from all over the world.

In addition to the subscription club, Revel Wine also offers numerous Wines by the bottle you can buy as well as wine collection gift sets. As a club member you receive discounted prices on these gifts as well as early access to wines, promotions, and complimentary tastings at their California wineries.

Check out more info on my Revel Wine page.


Wine of the Month Club

Send our 6-bottle club to the wine drinker on your list who really loves the grape Finally, I bring you to Wine of the Month Club. This one goes all the way back to 1972, no wonder they have the most variety and box options out there. Their subscription boxes range from lower priced everyday wines to more expensive super premium wines more suitable for special occasions. They also offer case subscriptions if you would rather stock up and receive 6-12 bottles at a time. There are other miscellaneous options too.

Aside from the subscription you can also buy wines by the bottle as well as wine gift baskets and wine accessories.

Check out more info on my Wine of the Month Club page.


All In All

Well there you have it. These were my top choices when it came to the best alcohol gifts to give that were also unique and unusual. Don’t be the boring gifter this year. Who’s says you have to just give gifts on Christmas day? Why not give them a gift for months to come? I guarantee yours will be the gift they remember most, because it will keep showing up on their doorstep every month surprising them with new goodies to indulge in.


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