Sudden Coffee- My Honest Review

Alright folks, I wanted to take the time to provide an honest review of Sudden Coffee. First and foremost, lets provide a little background info on the company as a whole. Their goal is to ensure you do not sacrifice quality for convenience. The pitch they make is that they will do the leg work for you. They will scout for the best beans, they will ensure it is brewed to perfection, and they will take care of the distilling process so that all you simply have to do is add water.

Not everyone has a local coffee shop that they can go to every day. Even if they do, they likely don’t have the time to go anyways. Let’s face it, weekdays are hectic and weekends can be just as bad, especially if you add children to the mix, so the concept of convenience here is genius. I personally can’t even begin to start my daily routine until I ensure the coffee is brewing. My husband and I have settled in with our grocery store brand, whole bean coffee. I will admit, I dread the coffee making process. I hate the cleaning process involved to set up the coffee maker for the next day, I hate having to stand around filling the carafe as my baby is trying to crawl up my leg. The worst part, if I don’t get around to prepping it the night before, I’m left scrambling the next morning to get it done. This usually involves carrying the coffee grinder into the laundry room and closing the door to grind the beans to avoid waking up the kids. So, the quick and easy concept of Sudden Coffee left me intrigued.

Additionally, they offer variation in their processing methods. Their methods are said to provide the best aroma, the best flavor, the smoothest and most preserved instant coffee out there.

The Steps


Sudden Coffee


Conventional Brands
Bean Choice


High quality, specialty grade coffee beans


Commodity robusta coffee beans


Brewing Method


Secret method which brews beans gently


Brewed at high temperatures


Freeze Drying


Uses a vacuum to freeze dry


Uses heat to “spray dry” the coffee




Air tight, recyclable tubes.


Typically, stored in large jars


Flavor Life


9+ months


Will lose flavor within days once opened


My Expectations

You’re probably wondering, “Why, if its such a pain, do you still go through the typical coffee making process?”. You may be thinking, “Instant coffee is not a new concept, why are you not using it as your method of choice?” If you’re an avid coffee drinker like me and consider it to be your life blood, then you know that nothing will ruin your day more than a bad cup of coffee. Here’s my reason, I have only been disappointed by the instant coffees I have tried in the past. Either the flavor was blah, or the texture was off, or there was an unsatisfying aftertaste. Over and over I was continuously getting disappointed, the last one did me in. For those who have been, who are, or who will be in the military…let me warn you. There is nothing worse than the instant coffee that comes in the MRE (meal ready to eat). I’ve been out of the military for 4 1/2 years now and I don’t think I’ve tried anymore instant coffee since, up until now. That pouch out of the MRE truly did me in.

I saw an ad for Sudden Coffee and did some research on their website, my interest peaked. I was curious if they actually provided something different than the other brands you can find in the store. I wanted to see if I could taste the difference that they claimed I would. Would their alternative methods really set them apart?

Let see how they did…

It’s Here!

I was very excited to open my mailbox knowing my Sudden Coffee was in there, waiting for me. Let’s go over my first impressions.


The packaging was very appealing. My coffee came in a compact and sleek orange box. It was very portable on its own much like the tubes the coffee itself came in. I love how each cup of coffee is in its own separate air tight tube. This makes it so easy to just toss in my purse or any bag for on the go. Plus, everything inside is recyclable, after you finish the coffee of course.

Provided Information

Upon opening the box, the first thing you see is an information card about the coffee you received. This card tells you specifics about the coffee such as what it is made up of, where the name came from, where it was grown, who produced it, the elevation, variety, as well as the tasting notes you can expect from it.

Right behind that card was another card. This one gave you step-by-step instructions on how to brew. Of course, there’s not much to it since they do everything beforehand so its really a two-step process to make it, but they’re covering all the bases here. Additionally, the card lists website info, contact info, as well as provides a small bit of background info on the Sudden Coffee story.

Trying It Hot

I opted to try it hot initially. I purposely ensured I did this after having my normal cup of coffee in the morning. This would allow me to better compare the two. The instructions state to mix 1 tube with 8-10 oz of hot or cold water. Obviously, I used hot water this time around. Now, I like my coffee strong, so I opted to use 8oz of water. I was as simple as adding hot water to my cup and dumping in the tube. I was very much expecting the granules to sit on top of the water for a bit, even after stirring. I was pleasantly surprised when that did not happen. The coffee dissolved completely into the water and even left a nice frothy top.


Upon tasting, the very first thing I noticed was how extremely smooth the coffee was… absolutely no bitterness to it. It had a very strong “roasty” flavor. I also was searching for the flavor notes my info card stated I should taste. I did not get them initially, but a min or two after each sip i was continuously getting the fruity notes of the mandarin and plum on the back end.


The mouth feel of the coffee was great. There was no greasiness, oiliness, or chalkiness to it. If you’re like me, you might also be wondering about settling. I purposely took my time to drink this cup to allow for settling of the coffee, if it were to occur. Once again, I was pleased at the results. The flavor was consistent throughout the whole cup. It wasn’t watery at the top and concentrated at the bottom. It was well balanced throughout the entire cup. By the time I got to my last sip, I had very little settling or coffee sediment on the bottom of my cup. Given the amount of time I let the coffee cup rest, I was very impressed there was not more, especially when the only time I stirred the coffee was when I initially added it.

Trying It Cold

I was eager to try this method as I was skeptical. Typically, you either have coffee intended to be made hot or coffee intended to be made cold, but never both. Or if you wanted to use it for iced coffee then you would have to make it using the hot method first and then chill it afterwards, similar to what you would do with tea. So, when I read that the process is no different between hot and cold and the only thing that changes is the temperature of the water, I was really curious to see how things would play out.

Just as with the hot I used 8 oz of cold water. I also added ice to my cup. Just as before I added the tube of coffee and stirred it up. I stirred, and stirred, and stirred. I noticed this time, as I suspected, the granules would not dissolve all the way or as quickly as when they were added to hot water. I could see them settling in the bottom of my cup.



However, I will note that by the time I finished my cup there was still very little grounds that have settled to the bottom. So the coffee does dissolve it just takes longer than it would when using hot water.



The flavor is still spot on. In fact, I think I like it much better cold. It is still very “roasty” but this time I can get more of the subtle flavors like the caramel, which is listed on the info card under tasting notes. I added ice, not just because that’s my preference, but also because I wanted to see how the coffee stood up to the ice melting. To my surprise it did not taste watered down one bit. The last sip was just as strong as the first.


I was worried that with the settling of the grounds initially that I might get more of a chalky or gritty taste this time around. Once again, this coffee surprised me. Still, it was very smooth and refreshing. No chunks of granules were mixed with my sips. The first and last sips were equally balanced, just as before.

Price Point and Options

Box Options

  • 8 cup pack 
    • Consists of 8 single cup tubes
    • Choose either medium or light roast
    • Choose your quantity
    • Choose to have it delivered every 1-6 months
    • $20 for one time purchase or save 20% if you subscribe
  • 24 cup pouch
    • Consists of 1 pouch, equivalent to 24 cups of coffee
    • Choose either medium or light roast
    • You have the option for how many cups you want to buy, 24, 48, 72, or 96. It doesn’t clarify on the website, but I can only assume that since each pouch gives 24 cups of coffee that if you order a larger cup quantity that you would receive additional pouches (i.e. 96 cups = 4 pouches)
    • Choose to have it delivered every 1-6 months
    • $42 for 24 cups, $84 for 48 cups, $126 for 72 cups, $168 for 96 cups
    • No one time purchase available, subscription option only
  • 48 cup pack
    • Consists of 48 single cup tubes
    • Choose either medium or light roast
    • Choose your quantity
    • Choose to have it delivered every 1-6 months
    • $108 for one time purchase or save 20% if you subscribe

Pros vs Cons


  • Super convenient/portable
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Deep flavor
  • Velvety smooth with no bitterness
  • Can drink hot or cold
  • Little to no settling


  • No options for dark coffee blends
  • No option for decaf
  • No option for flavored coffee
  • No customization of your box
  • Can get pricey if you’re into drinking several cups of coffee each day

All In All

If I had to rate Sudden Coffee on a 5 star scale I would give it 4 stars. It surely was a game changer. Keep in mind, I was not a fan of instant coffee prior to this and even still, I’m only making exceptions for this brand as I have yet to try anything else that compares. The only reason I’m not giving it the full 5 stars is I feel I am much too limited on the options for type of coffee I can choose.

I would love to have the choice of a dark roast or some flavors, even if its just some seasonal offerings. I also would love to see some variety in the box options. It would be great to have a variety pack (i.e. 8 tubes, each with a different coffee from the medium roast category or a box which gives 4 medium roast tubes and 4 light roast tubes). Then you could easily compare one coffee to the next without having to wait for the next shipment to come in. Also, there are times I really would love a cup of coffee in the afternoon but I don’t want it affecting my sleep either. So having an option for decaf would be great as well, which currently is not available.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the product. If you’re someone always on the go and looking speed up and elevate your morning coffee routine without sacrificing quality, then I HIGHLY recommend Sudden Coffee. I’ve added a link to their page below.

Happy shopping!

Try Sudden Coffee Now!

Sudden Coffee General 728x90

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you choose to try the product please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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4 Replies to “Sudden Coffee- My Honest Review”

  1. I like that it has a deep flavor and is environmentally conscious. I want to drink this before workouts. Do you think how many minutes before a workout I should drink sudden coffee? Does it differ from regular coffee about this?

    • I’m not sure that it differs from regular coffee in that sense. I like to drink coffee before a workout too, it works as a natural pre-workout supplement. Typically, I have a cup about 30 minutes beforehand. I did just this the other day with Sudden Coffee and felt just as energized as I would have after my standard cup of coffee so I would say it holds up just as well as any other coffee when used this way.

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