The Ultimate Disney Fantasy In A Box

Our world is filled with those who live, breathe, eat, and sleep imagination and fantasy. This isn’t something you like for a short phase of your childhood and then you grow up and out of. I’m talking about something that sticks with you all the way into adulthood and then some. I’m talking about the magical world of Disney.

There are plenty of people out there that are ultimate Disney fans and they come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. You don’t have to be a kid to let the magical world of all things Disney take you away. So what would such an extreme fan like as a gift? Maybe a surprise box from Walt Life? It’s a Disney store online featuring various Disney themed subscription boxes that make for perfect gifts for Disney fans.

No more boring, cliche Disney gifts. These boxes are full of Disney surprises and unusual Disney gifts sure to keep your friend and/or loved one living in fantasy land for many days to come.

How It Works

Before going into the box details I wanted to give you a quick overview of Walt Life and their subscription service. First off, they are not officially affiliated and/or connected with Disney, but all of the products provided in their subscription boxes will be licensed Disney products. Their boxes with contain a wide variety and assortment of merchandise from any of their parks, stores, resorts, downtown, suppliers, etc. These items will range from accessories, plush characters, kitchen items, clothing, arts & crafts, etc.

Upon selecting a subscription box you will have the option to choose your gender or select the neutral option. You also will have option to select the age bracket you want to receive the box for (All Ages, 0-4 Years, 5-9 Years, 10-17 Years, 18+ Years). This will ensure whomever the box is going to, that they will receive items appropriate for their age.

Magic Plus Box

This box is truly magical. You will receive 1+ item from a Disney Park(s), 4+ Disney mystery items, you have the ability to customize your box, skip a month feature, and you will receive an entry for a Disney Giveaway as well as free USA shipping.

Price: $48/Box

Kingdom Box

With this box you will receive additional items specific to the Disney Parks. In this box you will receive 3+ Disney Parks items, 3+ Disney mystery Items, the option to customize your box, skip a month feature, and you will receive an entry for a Disney Giveaway as well as free USA shipping.

Price: $79/Box

Surprise! Box

So here we have a box to utilize for the ultimate surprise. This one is intended to be used as a way to surprise that special someone with a surprise trip to Disney. It’s an awesome way to make that special announcement and it’s filled with Disney goodies to build the excitement.

Price: $48/Box

Magic Box

This box contains similar items that you would receive with the Magic Plus Box minus the Disney Park themed item. So would will get 4+ Disney Mystery items, the option to customize your box, skip a month feature, and you will receive an entry for a Disney Giveaway as well as free USA shipping.

Price: $39/Box

Classic Box

This is the simplest option available but that doesn’t mean it won’t contain great stuff. For those needing to keep their Disney collection at a manageable level, this box may better suit you. It contains 3+ Disney Mystery items and skip a month feature.

Price: $20/Box + Additional $10 for Shipping/Handling

Snack Box

You don’t have to visit a Disney park in order to try the unique and one of a kind snacks they offer. With this box you can receive 5+ seasonal Disney snacks direct from any of the Walt Disney World Parks in original packaging. All you have to do is put on some Disney music, close your eyes, take a bite and magically you are there!

Price: $59/Box

Pin Subscriptions

They also offer authentic Disney pin subscriptions for those who may be a more subtle fan. With this they provide two box options:


Pin Collector- Includes 1 authentic Disney Trading Pin for $18/month


Pin Edition- Includes 1 Disney Trading Pin for $8/month

Let’s Face It…

Disney has been around for a long time and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. They have some of the most dedicated and lifelong fans out there. Maybe it’s because we all just want to relive our childhood and remember a simpler time before life and responsibilities got in the way. Or maybe we want to make sure our children have that same magical experience we had as kids and are always looking for ways to bring Disney into their world. Any of these boxes are a sure way to do just that.

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your questions, experience, and opinions. Or we can just chat about all things Disney…I’m OK with that too! - It's a way of life!

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18 Replies to “The Ultimate Disney Fantasy In A Box”

  1. My husband and I are avid Disney fans, which started when we were in our mid 30s, when we had our first trip to Disney World with our 3 kids. My husband had never showed an interest in Disney prior to this trip, but ended up being the biggest fan of all. I remember driving up to the Magic Kingdom and looked back at my daughter, who was 10 years old at the time, and seeing tears streaming down her face. I said, “Honey, what is wrong?” She said, “I cant’t believe we are REALLY at Disney World!” I must say that the experience at Disney was TRUELY magical! That is the only place my husband wants to go on vacation now, even with about 6 trips under our belt and all our children grown with several grand kids. We have celebrated 3 wedding anniversaries at Disney World.
    I have never heard of the Disney box idea prior to this. I think it would be really fun, especially for kids. For me personally, I would want to choose the items in the box. I don’t know if that is an option, but I guess if that were the case, there would be no surprise. Nice creative idea.

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks for sharing your story. It’s true, Disney is such a magical place no matter the age, and once you have kids seeing them experience it makes it that much better.

  2. I will definitely have to check out Walt Life! All the boxes you described sound like fun, and I’m always looking for ways to gift those I love with a little extra Disney Magic!

    I really like that they have options available at several different price points. I think that makes this a really do-able option for all kinds of people.

    Thanks for sharing the information !!


    • Brooke, I was pretty excited when i discovered it myself that’s why I had to share it. It’s very unique that’s for sure, plus who doesn’t like surprises in the mail?

  3. Great article, thank you for sharing. I have never realized boxes like that exist. That could be a great gift for Disney fan. And what’s even more amazing, that you can choose your age bracket and it can be a great gift of purchase for any age group Disney fan. I personally would go for snack box, that looks great, I already can imagine myself watching my favorite Disney movie and having those snacks.

    • I completely agree with you…that snack box looks delicious. Plus visiting a Disney Park can be expensive so at least with this box you get to experience all those treats that are typically limited to those who can dish out the cash to get into the parks…no more feeling left out 🙂

  4. I want to start saying that I am a HUGE fan of Disney and have been kind of obsessed with mystery and loot boxes for some time now, so thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    I haven’t heard of Walt Life before and I am so glad I ended up here on your page.

    I think I’ll probably start with the Magic Box, but they all sound amazing. 🙂

    Thanks again for writing this article! Hope you have a great week.


  5. This is just adorable! My family and I have been to Disney world 8 times and Disney land once. Who doesn’t love it? One of the best things at Disney, is that they do change the rides and sites. This box would be a sweet gift to send to my niece who lives in another state. I love this idea!

  6. What a cool idea. I was looking for something to buy my wife who happens to be the biggest Disney fan that I know. A box subscription that she can always look forward to receiving seems like the perfect choice. I think the Magic Box is the perfect balance between price and value. I know she will love it and think of me every time she opens one. That has to get me some points. Right? Is there a box that you recommend for a woman in her 30s that I may not have considered?

  7. Hi there, thank you for sharing. I’m a Disney fan, so far I’ve visited Disneyland Paris and I look forward to visiting the parks in the USA sometime soon. These Disney boxes are a great way to keep the Disney feeling all year round. Awesome idea! The mystery box sounds great along with the snack box. Which one is your personal favourite?

  8. Hearing the word Disney, most times I think about kids and fantasy. But this post has given me a new perspective in respect to Adulthood and fantasy. The list of boxes is also a magical one like it was stated. Though never been to Disney world, I am sure to be there before the end of the year, thanks to your beautiful piece of content around it.

  9. Hello Amber,

    Disney World is really a place of fantasy. In my childhood, I went to the kingdom of dreams many times. But I first heard about Disney Fantasy In A Box. Charming idea indeed! This can really be a unique gift for kids. If my children receive such a wonderful gift, they will be very happy. And I think, its prices are quite reasonable. Thank you sincerely for writing such an interesting review.


    • Thanks Ranao. These boxes would make for a really fun gift for children…especially the surprise box if you are planning a special trip to Disney!

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