Unique Gifts for Women-A Subscription To Her Favorite Things

OK, I think its clear to us all that women want you to think outside the box when it comes to getting them the perfect gift. However, these unique gifts for women will focus solely on THE box. The best thing about monthly subscription boxes is there is a box for anyone with any interest. Search no more, I scoured the internet to find you the top subscription boxes for women that will be at the top of their “best gift” list every month. No matter the interest, I assure you there is a box out there for ANYONE.

For the Beauty Queen

Beauty boxes are the best gift for women who love to take their time to pamper and beautify themselves. Now, if you’re a guy trying to shop for cosmetics and other beauty products for a special woman in your life, let’s be real, you have no idea what you’re looking for. Heck sometimes we ladies don’t know what we want which is why we can spend hours down the makeup aisle trying to decide on the perfect eyeliner or what new facial cleanser we want to try. I’ll be honest, I like makeup but I’m no expert on it. I get very overwhelmed when I walk into a beauty store. I have no idea where to begin, what brands are good, what color works for me, etc. So the concept of receiving beauty supplies each month that experts select is extremely enticing. This is a great way to get to try new items before you officially buy. With these boxes she will get to try out new products ranging from well-known brands to those hidden gems and some even offer customization options. Got a vegan girl you’re shopping for? Don’t worry, they got boxes for her too. Click the link below to check them out!

Click here to see my top beauty subscription box choices.

For the Sweet Tooth

Here we have subscription boxes that lead directly to every girl’s heart. SWEETS to enjoy while she binge watches her favorite Netflix show. We’re talking all sorts of ooey, gooey, gummy, chewy, crunchy, sweet, sour, chocolatey, crumbly goodness that her heart, and stomach, desires. In my mind, you can never go wrong with sweets. A box of yummy candy every month. Hmm…what else comes once a month? Sounds like the perfect gift if you ask me! Check them out in the below link.

Click here to see my top candy subscription box choices.

For the Fitness Fanatic

I think its safe to say fitness is pretty important to most women. We like to look good, feel good, and be fit. As if maintaining fitness and health isn’t fun enough on its own why not add some goods into the mix. What a great way to motivate someone to continue their exercise routine. Getting new, fun things to incorporate into your diet and workouts make it hard to quit. These boxes include items ranging from fitness clothing, accessories, supplements and nutritional snacks, and workout tips all to support your fitness lifestyle. Check them out below.

Click here to see my top fitness subscription box choices.

For the Book Worm

For a woman who can really appreciate the feel of a hardcover or paperback book in her hand as opposed to just reading off a device, these subscription boxes are truly meaningful. If she always has her nose in a book then there’s a good chance she’s always looking for a new read. A monthly book subscription box will ensure she never gets bored and always has a fresh story to carry her away from reality. Plus, a lot of these boxes come with extra goodies like coffee, tea, candles, bath items, etc. So set her imagination free and check out the products in the link below.

Click here to see my top book subscription box choices.

For the Fashionista

For the ladies who love to shop but maybe don’t have the time to do it, these boxes are sure to deliver. I know as a busy mom its near impossible to find the time to go shop for myself. If I do manage to find the time I’m usually stuck bringing along one of the kids so it ends up being about 15 mins of looking around frantically while dealing with a whiny and/or wild child and then leaving usually with nothing because it was too overwhelming. So how perfect that you can get clothing and outfits delivered right to your door! From full ensembles to fitness garb and even nerdy tees. There is no doubt something for everyone in these boxes. Check out the link below.

Click here to see my top clothing subscription box choices

For the Shoe & Accessory Obsessed

Now if you signed up for a clothing box you might as well sign up for on of these subscriptions as well and make the look complete. Within these boxes she can get items ranging from shoes, jewelry, socks, panties, bras, random fashion accessories and glam goodies. If you’re shopping for a trendy girl this box is right up her alley. I’m pretty sure you can’t have too many accessories. With these boxes she will get new items every month to revamp her everyday looks. Click below to check them all out.

Click here to see my top Shoe and Accessory subscription box choices

For the Wino

Talk about a treat every month…this idea is top-notch and I’m pretty sure the woman you’re looking to gift would agree. So with a wine box subscription you can tailor it to her needs with regard to type of wine, quantity of bottles, frequency of delivery, and in some cases you get additional snacks to pair them with. The perfect gift for any occasion. If you’re lucky maybe she’ll share with you…sounds like a win win if you ask me! Check them out below.

Click here to see my top wine subscription box choices

For the Health Nut

Here we have the perfect type of box for those who love to graze on snacks all day, but maybe want healthy snacks to not feel so guilty? There’s no guilt associated with these boxes. They are full of healthy and nutritious munchies to include nuts, granola, fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruits, jerky, higher protein snacks all with little to no processing. No better way to fight temptation then to have a better, healthier alternative delivered right to your door. Click the link below to see my picks.

Click here to see my top healthy snack subscription box choices

For Those All About the Nose

For those scent-sational women, how about a subscription box of perfume, candles, soaps, oils or anything else her nose desires. She will smell it coming a mile away. These boxes have fragrances for the home, body and the soul. No more need be said, these boxes sell themselves! Check them out in the link below.

Click here to see my top fragrance subscription box choices

That’s All for Now

Whew, now those were a lot of unique gift ideas. I think we got every birthday, holiday, congratulations, anniversary, and any other gift giving celebration covered by one of these.

Please keep in mind my site is still new and I am adding new product pages and content regularly so be sure to check back for updates.

Please feel free to leave me box ideas or recommendations the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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8 Replies to “Unique Gifts for Women-A Subscription To Her Favorite Things”

  1. This is a great article. There are so many different subscription box choices around and I appreciate you going through them and getting it all in one place.
    I will be sharing this article with my husband. 🙂
    What which of the option would be your favorite box to receive?
    I think that mine would be the Beauty Queen. (Not because I am one, I’m like you, I get overwhelmed when I’m looking at makeup. I would love to try samples and figure out what I like).

    • Nancy, that’s a really tough question. Its hard to pick a favorite because I would love any of them. Any beauty box is a hit, but I also am into fitness and healthy lifestyle options. But a candy or wine box doesn’t sound bad either!

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