Valentine Gifts for Men- Ideas For Those Hard To Shop For Guys

Love is in the air and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to write a post for those of you looking to spoil your love while also avoiding the cliche gifts that typically go along with the whole Valentine’s Day theme. Lets face it, guys can be really hard to shop for sometimes so I’m going to share with you the best Valentine gifts for him that are sure to please.

I think it’s safe to say majority of men have similar tastes so I went ahead and broke these interests into the categories below:

  • Drinking
  • Meat
  • Outdoor Stuff
  • Fitness
  • Fishing
  • Grilling
  • Sports
  • Clothing

So lets get into my recommended list of best Valentine gifts for men.

Bottoms Up

Whether your guy is sophisticated, energized, casual, the life of the party, or just mellowed out, these subscription boxes are sure to please. There is something for everyone here, no matter their tastes in beverages. With these boxes he will get to try all sorts of varieties of fine wines, beers, and spirits. Plus if he’s not into alcohol so much why not gift him a coffee subscription? In addition to the subscription service, a lot of these companies offer other various gift options as well as the ability to buy by the bottle to allow you to customize your selection. Lets not forget, if you gift these for Valentine’s Day he’s almost obligated to have to share them with you!

More Protein Please

MEAT MEAT MEAT…I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say most guys would be ecstatic to receive a box of meat for Valentine’s Day, sure beats the typical gift of chocolate. Not to mention it’s really hard to find good quality meat at a reasonable price, unless of course your doing the hunting/killing yourself. With these boxes you know right where the meat is sourced from and you have the ability to customize the cuts that you want, or should I say…HE WANTS.

Be One With Nature

For all the outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists they have boxes for them too. These boxes are suitable for guys who spend a good deal of time outside. In other words, guys who enjoying camping, hiking, hunting would likely enjoy the items in these boxes. Items include emergency supplies, survival tools, manuals, camping/hiking equipment, gear, backpacks, watches, portable grill, etc.

Do you Even Lift Bro?

For the fitness junkie there’s many options available. These boxes include anything from clothing, various food and snacks to compliment a workout, bottles/shakers, protein power, supplements tailored to their specific workout goals, fitness challenges, gear, etc. Perfect items to keep him motivated and also allows him to try new products before buying. Help to keep him accountable and on his game by gifting him a subscription to one of these.

Row Row Row Your Boat

If you know a guy who loves to spend hours on end, day after day, sitting on a lake fishing, then a fishing box is going to wow him. Surely he would be ecstatic to receive a box each month of high quality fishing products and lures. They will even tailor the lures sent to his preferred type of fish so he is sure to get a lot of use out of this box type and likely a lot of success as well.

Hear That Sizzle

Not too long after Valentine’s Day ends does grilling season begin. A grilling box subscription for Valentine’s Day will come just in time. These boxes come with BBQ sauces, rubs, spices, recipes/tips, wood chips for smoking meats, jerky/snacks, etc. If you’re like me you get tired of the same boring flavors all the time…so if he’s grilling for you, it’s almost as if your getting a gift too. Plus, as long as he’s grilling you get a night off from cooking!

Join The Fanclub

Want to give an early Valentine’s Day gift and then why not send a sports box just in time for Superbowl? If not, no big deal…true fans are fans for the whole year not just part of it. Not to mention there’s other sports besides footballs. A sports subscription box will never get old. I’m talking memorabilia and gear for any fan, any sport, and any team.

Looking Good

I know the idea of clothing doesn’t necessarily make you think of men, but lets be honest, they like to look good too. An I’m not talking just suit and tie type of outfits…these boxes are perfect for guys who like to looks nice, clean, put together or maybe who just like to receive new clothes on occasion.

I hope these helped you get some good ideas for your sweetheart. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for a guy who has very specific and particular tastes…you may spend hours scoping the internet trying to get ideas in fear you may disappoint with the wrong choice. Let me tell you though…these boxes will not disappoint.

I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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26 Replies to “Valentine Gifts for Men- Ideas For Those Hard To Shop For Guys”

  1. I think you have really did an immense level of research before writing this article. I read through the whole article and it looks really great. I think if anyone follow this article as a guide they won’t be disappointed. I am going to share this with my friend. Thank you for sharing this post.

    • Thank you! Yes, there’s a lot of great gift ideas out there related to subscription boxes…please share with anyone interested!

  2. Everybody just loves Valentine. Love is literally in the air at the moment. Besides Christmas, this is probably the best time of the year. As I kept reading I just kept wishing I could share this with her. I’ll really love a good dinner with great meat and a good bottle of red wine. I really would appreciate a dumbbell right now. It’s always good to keep it thoughtful, like get you know he’ll really appreciate. 

    Thanks for this article, sadly I may not even get a card

  3. Wow. Seems you have really studied about guys.

    You just listed all the needs of a guy and would really recommend the bottoms up. 

    My girl friend who obviously would be my val fans my club and she drinks too.

    Thanks for this post hopefully ladies out there would learn a lot from it.

    • Ha definitely no guy studying here…just married life. There are a lot of drinking box options and if your gal is into it too then just remind her that a gift to one of these subscription boxes is technically a gift for her too!

  4. This is lovely and i can say its a must for all ladies to view and work on.

    Owning to the fact that we have different kinds of men, the valentine gift you listed here are lovely and most men will love it.

    As a guy; I would be ecstatic to receive a lady that surprise me with any of this kind of gifts.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. I love these Valentines gifts for men because my husband is one of these guys who is hard to please! But you gave me some GREAT ideas! 

    First of all, he loves meat. That meat box is a win. 

    Secondly, he loves grilling his meat. So, that grilling box is another perfect idea. 

    Third, he loves fishing. And I didn’t even have a clue that there was such a thing as a fishing box subscription. Now THAT would be cool. Do you know if you can get a box by the type of fishing? My husband is a fly fisherman, and they have specific lures and things they sue as compared to other types of fishing.

    • Christina, my husband is the same way…so difficult to please! The fishing box allows for some customization base on types of fish typically fished but not specific to types of fishing. I will keep my eyes peeled though for some more fishing box options out there. I add new products to my page pretty regularly so be sure to check back for updates!

  6. I am glad you came up with this lovely post, Amber. In my society, we men have always been on the giving end during the Love season like this. But things will change after reading this your post about valentine’s gift. In fact, The grilling box is the first on my list that I’m gonna accept, follow by the Fitness box and lastly, the clothing boxes. I am not accepting less from my girlfriend.

    • I also hope my posts reaches women and reminds them that Valentine’s Day is a two way street and it’s not just about the girl. The great thing with subscription boxes is that they really are the gift that keeps on giving. They’re the perfect reminder to a guy, or gal, that they are loved not just one day out of the year but the whole year as well.

  7. Wow! Speaking from a man’s perspective, these are some great gift ideas. If your girlfriend has great taste (and maybe you don’t) then I especially love the idea of a clothing box. Your wife/girlfriend can give a great gift and then “Hey Honey, You’d really look good in this one!” I’d appreciate that!

    • Yes, they are a great way to gift someone something they love and in the case you are not so good at selecting the items yourself, the subscription boxes most times consists of items hand selected by experts in that field so you know for sure it’ll be something good each time.

  8. You made an interesting list of various Valentine gifts for men and I cannot argue with the fact that they are very good points to know most especially football games, since my favorite football  club will be having a football game on that very day it would be a perfect day for me to gifted such a special occasion which after we can kick off with a bottle of wine.

  9. This is a great post! I would love to get all of these items for a Valentine’s Day gift, so I will be forwarding your website to my wife as a subtle reminder. 

    The website looks great by the way.  Great job putting it together with the images .  It really is enticing.

    I will be coming back often to see what you write about mostly. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Nate, thanks for the feedback. I have lots more product pages to add…of course I’m only one person so it takes time. Please visit regularly to see newly posted content and products. 

  10. Thank you so much for this piece of information. This article came at the right time. Valentine is fast approaching and the need to get a special gift for your loved one can not be over emphasized. Just last night, my darling was asking me what I  will want her to get for me this valentine season, I only responded by telling her to get anything she can afford. Perhaps I will introduce her to this article, I am sure she will make an impressive choice from these numerous valentine subscription boxes. 

    • Yes there are many options for any occasion really. The great thing about subscription boxes is they typically contain products with a retail value well over the price your actually paying so it truly is worth it.

  11. Hi Amber,Thank you for sharing this great post. Giving gifts to Valentine’s Day is not restricted to lovers only. You can give gifts to your husband, wife, parents, brothers, sister and any dear friend. A small gift makes the relationship more attractive to people. I will share this article with my all friends. Thanks for your great article.

    • Yes, it’s true Valentine’s Day can really be a day for anyone you love not just your significant other. Please share the article with all you know!

  12. Great post and good info.

    I accidently came upon this post, and yes as a man this is true, we love meat and beer. 

    For the majority of us clothes are not so important, but that depends from person to person. 

    In my instance, I love fitness clothes and everything around it. 

    Now I will share this post, but sneaky, to my wife, so she can have an idea what to buy for me Thursday. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this! 

  13. For the romantically inclined, finding thoughtful gifts can be challenging many years down the line.  The simple card probably designed and written by a computer these days has never been much appreciated.  Scouring your brain for something new can be quite time-consuming, so these boxes are a great idea.  Since the most I ever receive is a production line card, I will be showing my wife your post to give her a few ideas.  Let’s hope it pays off with some tasty meats or beverages.Thanks and regards,Joe

    • Hi Joe, surely a meat or beverage box will benefit her too right? make sure she knows that and maybe she will be more apt to gift you (and indirectly, her as well) with one!

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